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News: 2013 is going to be an amazing year for HIBBQ.  Stay tuned for details on new smokers coming to Hawaii and Hawaii's first ever KCBS sanctioned event.  Aloha!
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Author Topic: Not exactly BBQ....but......  (Read 1293 times)
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« on: April 15, 2013, 02:48:14 am »

HIBBQ (VRM) competed in the 2013 Hawaii Ocean Expo Poke Challenge this weekend. We had to make our own version of Ahi Poke, Tako Poke and Veggie Poke (WTF) on Day 1.  VRM managed to make it to the semifinals in both Ahi and Tako and got schooled in Veggie...that's a damn good thing for us BBQ folks. Saved some face!

On Day 2, VRM managed to make finals in only the Ahi category by winning 1st place.  I can honestly say that this is only the second time in our 6-year competition career that we knew we had an amazingly, solid product.  It paid off for us and VRM made it to the finals.  The first place Ahi poke got VRM a round trip for 2 to anywhere on the West Coast that Alaska Airlines flies.  

All 3 of the finalists got handed a tough "Chopped" box in the final challenge. We were given Halibut, Hoisin Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Chinese 5 Spice (again...WTF). We were told that we had to use all of these ingredients. In addition to what each team had to use, there were red onions, white onions, green onions, green bell pepper, tomatoes, apples, pears, 5 different soy sauces and sea salt.

The 3 finalists were also told that we would be getting 3 "curveballs" along the way as it got closer to turn-in time.  The first "curveball" arrived about 15 minutes into the hour long competition........ Taro chips.  All 3 teams then got salt salmon at the half way point. At about 7 minutes to go the finalists received Fresh Catch dehydrated poke mix.

Nerve racking to say the least..... but all finalists got their turn-ins completed on time for both the judges and People's Choice.

At the end of the day, Team Saucy won it all. Congrats to them...they deserved it.  Also, they were the only one of the 3 finalists to NOT quick-sear their Halibut...so lesson learned.

VRM had a great time, no complaints and we will be back in 2014.
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